Justice League poor reviews lead to low opening collections

Justice League poor reviews lead to low opening collections

Justice league movie opened to $96 million in US last week which was below expectations. It was less than Batman vs Superman, suicide squad openings.

Justice league opening collections

Justice league movie released on november 17th with high expectations but didn’t turn out as everyone hoped. The movie received 40% score on rotten tomatoes. While most of the fans seem to have enjoyed the movie, it wasn’t enough to get a record breaking openings.

On the International box office, Justice league made a decent $185 million opening. The highest was from china with $50 million.

Justice league was directed by Zack snyder. Several scenes were reshot by Joss Whedon who was credited as one of the writers in the movie. As reviews for batman vs superman were highly negative stating that it was too serious the studio decided to give the movie a lighter tone. Several scenes shown in trailer were cut from the movie. More jokes were added to make the movie family friendly but that did not work well. Many fans were complaining that these reshots have ruined the movie.

At this low opening, the total domestic(US) collection could be less than $250million which would make it the least grossing in the series. The reviews have clearly affected the film’s performance at the boxoffice.

In India, Justice league topped the box office with 5.5 crore opening. But this is less than Thor Ragnarok’s opening of 7.7 crores.

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