NASA Releases Light maps of India as seen from space

Lights of Human Activity Shine in NASA’s Image of Earth at Night

nasa light map

NASA scientists have just released the first new global map of Earth at night since 2012. This nighttime look at our home planet, dubbed the Black Marble, provides researchers with a unique perspective of human activities around the globe. By studying Earth at night, researchers can investigate how cities expand, monitor light intensity to estimate energy use and economic activity, and aid in disaster response.

Satellite pictures of Earth during the evening — regularly alluded to as “night lights” — have been a interest for the general population and a device for major research for about 25 years. They have given a wide, wonderful picture, indicating how people have formed the planet and lit up the haziness. Delivered each decade or somewhere in the vicinity, such maps have brought forth several popular culture uses and many monetary, sociology and natural research ventures.