Tamilyogi tamil movies online Is it legal to use?

Tamilyogi tamil movies online: Is it legal to watch movies on this site?

Tamilyogi is one of the most popular online piracy websites from India. Tamilyogi uploads latest released Tamil movies and dubbed versions of telugu movies, bollywood movies,Malayalam movies and hollywood movies on their site. They upload their movies and embed them in their site.  Are you using Tamilyogi? Is it legal to use? What is Tamilyogi new domain? Here you will find complete details on Tamilyogi website.

tamilyogi movies online

Is Tamilyogi legal to watch tamil movies?

Before we get into the details about Tamilyogi, let’s get straight to the point. Is it legal to watch tamil movies from Tamilyogi? No, it is not legal to watch tamil movies from Tamilyogi website. It is an online piracy site and you could get arrested for watching movies from Tamilyogi. We do not support this site. We recommend you to watch movies in theatres, buy original dvd’s or watch them from official youtube channels, hotstar or on TV.

Tamilyogi new domain:

The below domains are the Tamilyogi latest domain, latest link or url.


Tamilyogi old domains: These are the domains that have been blocked by the government of India. If you visit these old domains using a vpn, you will be redirected to the latest domain.

tamilyogi. com



tamilyogi. cc

tamilyogi details:

Based on who is details tamilyogi has started in 2014. Since then the site has been uploading tamil movies in high quality. They also release CAM prints of just released movies. Tamilyogi has become a headache for movie producers for many years. The Tamil film industry has tried to catch the owners of tamilyogi but they were unable to shut down this site. This is one of the most popular online piracy sites in India. Based on the stats we have observed on similarweb, the site gets more than 15 million views per month.

Visitors can watch tamil movies directly on the site. You can not download movies from the site as they only embed movies on their site and do not share any download links. Tamilyogi has different sections like tamil new movies, tamil bluray movies, tamil dvdrip movies, tamil dubbed movies, tamil dubbed series where you can watch movies in different qualities. Even though the domain is blocked the site is still getting millions of visits. Visitors can simply use the site by using a vpn.

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